Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac
Publishing a photo slideshow on your website with Flash Slideshow Maker couldn't be easier!

Flash slideshow Maker for Mac is a Flash template based software tool to help you create slideshows from your photo with ease. It has more than 60 Flash templates, including photo gallery themes, flash banner templates, web album and 3D Flash Slideshows. All templates have not only preset settings for easy-to-use, but also have lots of customizable parameters, such as width, height,color, font size, transition effect, pan and zoom and background music etc.


Build Professional Slideshow as 1,2, 3
Flash Slideshow Maker is very user-friendly and easy to use.


To create your own professional flash slideshow couldn't be easier with Flash Slideshow Maker's 3 steps interface. Just add photos, select a Flash slideshow template and publish. This Flash gallery creation process is very straight-forward. No Adobe Flash ActionScript is required.


Large collection of Flash Templates
Flash templates for Flash Baner, web album, photo gallery, product show and more...


Flash Slideshow Maker has dozens of profeesional Flash templates built-in. No matter you want to create a photo slideshow, product presentation, eShop gallery, flash banner or full screen web album, you can find a template from Flash Slideshow Maker.


Customizable Flash Theme
Flash Slideslideshow themes can be persionalized with many settings available


Further more, all templates have various settings to adjust, such as Flash widths, heights, background color, font size, etc. You can customize the Flash slideshow to match your own website scheme. Flash slideshow Maker can let you review the result Flash instantly before publishing.



And More
Just give Flash Slideshow Maker a try, you can improve your website pages in minutes.


There are more features with Flash Slideshow Maker, Download a free trial and make your own Flash now!

For Windows Users, there is a Windows 7 Vista version available, please visit Flash Slideshow Maker for Window to find out more.


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What Our Customers Say?
There are thousands of customers all over the world, they using Flash slideshow maker to publish their photos slideshow online and happy with it.

“ Easy to Use, looks Great! I looked at all the slideshow software, this is the one for simplicity, function and range."
- --by Hakael


“ Very good software! I tried your trial version, and I really like how easy it works. „
- by Anne M